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My NLP friend, documentarian, and audio/ podcasting expert Tom "The Learning Guy" Carroll interviewed me about health, losing 170+ pounds, and making peace with food.  Tom, his ever-wise teenage …

Have you ever experienced a diminished capacity to regulate your thoughts, feelings, and actions?     Like blogger and wellness explorer Mary Ann Reynolds points out, sometimes I'm …

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Private Coaching in Austin, Texas

Welcome to my professional coaching practice for businesses and individuals in Austin, Texas. I use recognized and effective approaches including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clean Language and Provocative Change Works (PCW) to provide tools, coaching and strategies for work and life improvements including:

  • Creating a more effective work/life balance
  • Improving the ability to focus at work for you and your employees
  • Increasing the freedom and joy you can experience

Simply contact me to find out more or go ahead and request a session.